LEC 2019 Summer Split

Buy stock in teams based on their current rating. Wins make the price go up, losses make it go down. Easy, right?! In addition to making the value of a team's stock go up, wins will also trigger a dividend payment. For example, say you own 10 shares of Cloud9. Cloud9 defeats TSM and the stock price increases by $100. Not only will the value of your Cloud9 stock go up by $1,000 but you'll also receive an extra $1,000 in cash (that you can use to purchase more Cloud9 stock!).

If your total portfolio value drops below $100,000 you can reset back to $100,000 (when the market is open). WARNING! This will remove all of your stock!

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Team Values

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Rank Name Cash Shares Primary Team W9D2W9D1 Total Value