2019 LEC Summer, Week #9 Report 2019-08-15 by Arend Zijdenbos

Welcome to the fifth and final edition of the TrackingThePros’ LEC weekly report for this split. Every week we will take a look at the current valuation for the LEC teams and the schedule they have ahead of them. Armed with this information, we will let you know of opportunities to increase your share value.

Looking back at Week #8

I look back at Week #8 of the LEC with a smile this time around. The games were extremely fun to watch, as we got to see Garen actually win a game on stage. On top of that, the predictions we made for week #8 were absolutely on point. Fnatic($1,850) managed to pull off two victories, against both team Vitality($1,615) and Excel Esports($1,422) for a profit of $177 per share. And the other team I suggested, SK Gaming($1,471), managed to upset Team Vitality for a monster profit of $193 per share, earning those who invested in them a profit of $29,366.

What opportunities does week #9 bring

There are several highly important games being played in the final week of the LEC. One of the key matches is between Fnatic and Splyce($1,842). The teams will be competing for 2nd place and the right to pick their opponent for the playoffs first. The odds on this match are as close to 50/50 as you can get. Personally, my money is on Fnatic as they have been looking really good over the past weeks.

Another matchup is between Rogue($1,524) and Origen($1,539). Together with Team Vitality, these three teams are competing for the final two playoff spots. The odds are very close to 50/50 again, and the winner of this match will likely decide which teams will qualify. Each match played this weekend by these three teams is incredibly high stakes, so be sure to tune into the action!

The final opportunity worth talking about this week is Misfits Gaming($1,182). The team has nothing to lose anymore, and their first game will be up against Team Vitality, who just suffered two tough losses last week. At a potential earning of $185 per share, they could earn you a massive chunk of money to close out the regular season.

Who do we avoid in week #9 of the LEC

There are several teams I would avoid in this week's LEC games. Starting with G2 Esports($1,939). As they are now (almost) guaranteed to be in the first place, they have really started to play a lot less serious, which already bit them once before. With this week's matches against two of the bottom tier teams, I expect this to be no different. A lot can go wrong while they are having fun, so best you invest your money elsewhere.

Another team I would avoid is Excel Esports. While their series of three upsets was fun to watch, and their dream of playoffs was technically there, the team’s hopes and dreams got crushed by Team Vitality back in week #7. In week #8 they simply looked lost, like they had nothing to play for anymore. I can’t imagine this week’s games will be much different as they are almost guaranteed to end at the bottom of the standings.  

Those are our investment recommendations for this week, be sure to invest your money wisely for the upcoming week of LEC matches! See you next time, and enjoy some great League of Legends.