2019 LEC Summer, Week #8 Report 2019-08-08 by Arend Zijdenbos

Welcome to the fourth edition of the TrackingThePros’ LEC weekly report. Every week we will take a look at the current valuation for the LEC teams and the schedule they have ahead of them. Armed with this information, we will let you know of opportunities to increase your share value.

Looking back at Week #7

Each team in the LEC has 4 games remaining over the next two weeks of play. With the current standings, this means every team still has a chance at making it to the playoffs. So far, Splyce ($1,794), G2 Esports($1,929), and Fnatic($1,673) have earned themselves a spot, with the 7 other teams competing for the three remaining spots.

Week 7 of the LEC brought some big surprises, with G2 picking up the first Garen of the LEC this split, and using it to lose to Team Vitality($1,886). Following the win of Vitality against G2, they also managed to end the winning spree of Excel Esports($1,668), which brought them their best weekend yet. And with this, taking the highest-earning spot of Week 7 with a spike of $274 per share.

What opportunities does week #8 bring

Things really got shook up over the weekend, as Team Vitality was the only team to remain undefeated. However, these massive fluctuations open up a lot of opportunities for us. First of all, is once more Fnatic. They had a good week, however, their stock value is still quite low for their recent performance. At potential earnings of $99 a share in their game against 8th place team Excel, and an expected potential profit of close to $150 a share, this seems to me like the bet of the week.

The other opportunity is also against team Vitality, as their stock value is way off after G2 lost, far more than Vitality won in that series. While much higher risk, so is the much higher reward. Friday, when SK Gaming($1,306) will face off against Team Vitality, their potential profit per share is $193. I like this investment a lot for this week, as SK Gaming just comes off a win against the Misfits($1,199) academy team.

Who do we avoid in week #8 of the LEC

Last week we avoided investing in G2 Esports, Splyce, and Excel and Schalke. For this week, I’d add Rogue($1,361) and team Vitality to that list. Rogue, for the reason of their incredibly poor performance over the last few weeks. As for Vitality, as we explained earlier, their share value is just massively inflated. The team is in very few aspects better than Splyce and Fnatic, yet it is $100-200 more expensive per share.

Those are our investment recommendations for this week, be sure to invest your money wisely for the upcoming week of LEC matches! See you next time, and enjoy some great League of Legends.