2019 LCK Summer, Week #9 Report 2019-08-07 by Arend Zijdenbos

Welcome to the fourth edition of the TrackingThePros’ LCK weekly report. Every week we will take a look at the current valuation for the LCK teams and the schedule they have ahead of them. Armed with this information, we will let you know of opportunities to increase your share value.

Looking back at LCK Week #8

I made two main predictions for week 8, as there were few good opportunities available to us. The first was between SK Telecom T1($1,983) and Kingzone Dragon-X($1,424), where I didn’t believe in their upset potential. In the end, this series was not even close. The other prediction was about the Afreeca Freecs($1,751) upsetting Damwon Gaming($1,546) at $155 a share potential profit. The prediction was based on their past performance. In week 8, the Freecs managed to pull off a clean victory against Damwon.

What opportunities does week #9 bring?

Unlike week #8, week 9 flows over with opportunity. First of all, the series between the Afreeca Freecs and Sandbox Gaming($1,615). While Sandbox has been in a bit of a slump in recent weeks, they just beat Kingzone and put up a good fight in their series against Griffin($1,664). I honestly think you can justify investing in either side of this matchup. Personally, while I have to believe more in Afreeca, my bet would be on Sandbox Gaming for this week. At $137 vs $63 potential profit on a series I’d best estimate as 55/45 in favor of the Afreeca Freecs, you just have to go with the math on this one.

Another opportunity is Team Griffin. Facing off this week against Gen.G($1,775) and Kingzone, I really believe them to be able to win both of these series. With their match against Gen.g having a potential profit of $131 per share.

The final possibility this week is actually Gen.G. Their match against Griffin is a pretty high-risk bet. However, with their other series this week being up against the Afreeca Freecs, they do have a chance to bring their stock value back up as they prepare for the LCK playoffs.

Avoiding the losses in week #9

Similar to last week, I would avoid investing in Jin Air Greenwings($1,008) for this week's games. I’m really starting to lose faith in the team to win a single series this split. With only three series left, time really is running out. If you believe, this week is the final chance to do so, as this is their final week with two series.

As usual, we avoid the teams with the most to lose. This week, SK Telecom T1 is facing only one team, Hanwha Life Esports($1,393), where their earnings will only be $6 per share. Another such team is the KT Rolster($1,411), however, they are near the bottom of the standings. The team has looked very weak in the past few weeks and will be fighting to avoid relegation. The chance of KT actually winning a series against a team that is not fighting for relegations is just extremely slim from here on out.

Those are our investment recommendations for this week, be sure to invest your money wisely for the upcoming week of LCK matches! See you next time, and enjoy some great League of Legends.