2019 LCK Summer, Week #8 Report 2019-07-31 by Arend Zijdenbos

Welcome to the third edition of the TrackingThePros’ LCK weekly report. Every week we will take a look at the current valuation for the LCK teams and the schedule they have ahead of them. Armed with this information, we will let you know of opportunities to increase your share value.

Looking back at LCK Week #7

In last weeks blog, we discussed the incredibly high stock price of Gen.G and how we could capitalize on this going into week #7. The plan was to invest heavily into SK Telecom, and that paid off in a huge way. Brokenbroker, Zebradamus and I all went all-in on SKT and made it out with a huge profit. From the first match against Gen.G alone, the earnings were $18,762. Later, SKT also managed to defeat Griffin in what was likely the weakest series of the week. The performance of both teams was very much of the course, which we should keep in mind going into week #8.

What opportunities does week #8 bring?

Week 8 is quite lacking in opportunities. While there are some odds that look tempting, like the series between King-zone DragonX and SK Telecom, where King-zone has a potential profit of $173 per share. My problem with investing in this series is that King-zone just took two really bad losses last week, against Gen.G and the Afreeca Freecs. So I don’t believe they will be able to take SK Telecom down, on their 7 series winning spree. Even if they did look a bit off in their series against Griffin last week.

Photo by Ethan Sykes / Unsplash

One series I do like the chances of is between DAMWON Gaming and the Afreeca Freecs which will be played this Thursday. The Afreeca Freecs can earn $155 per share and they have done really well over the past couple of weeks. Having won 5 out of their last 6 series.

Avoiding the losses in week #8

Similar to last week, I would avoid investing in Jin Air Greenwings for this week's games. They only play one series this week, and they are up against Gen.G. While the profit of $198 a share looks very tempting, the chance of them winning this one just isn’t there.

As usual, we avoid the teams with the most to lose. This week, that is the top three of DAMWON Gaming, SK Telecom, and Gen.G. If anything goes wrong for these teams, they lose such large amount of their stock value, it just isn’t worth the risk for us, as there is almost no reward. Wait until their stock value has dropped, then find the moment that is right to invest!

This is a shot of the owner of New Zealand watch company - Hunters Race.
Photo by Hunters Race / Unsplash

Those are our investment recommendations for this week, be sure to invest your money wisely for the upcoming week of LCK matches! See you next time, and enjoy some great League of Legends.