2019 LCK Summer, Week #10 Report 2019-08-14 by Arend Zijdenbos

Welcome to the fifth and final edition of the TrackingThePros’ LCK weekly report for this split. Every week we will take a look at the current valuation for the LCK teams and the schedule they have ahead of them. Armed with this information, we will let you know of opportunities to increase your share value.

Looking back at Week #9

Week #9 of the LCK was full of surprises. With so many good matchups upsets were bound to happen, however, I didn’t see the upset of Hanwha Life Esports($1,587) coming. Hanwha Life managed to pull off the 2-1 upset against SK Telecom T1($1,789) who were on a 9 series winning spree. Both Otismylove and Xnolan had more faith in the team than I did, however, the monster profit of $27,548 was not enough to earn them the number one spot in the LCK Weekly.

The other predictions we made this week were for Sandbox Gaming($1,752) and Griffin($1,818), who both managed to pull of two-win weeks against their opponents, leading to a nice profit for those who chose to invest their money there.

What opportunities does week #10 bring

For the underdog bet this week I really like KT Rolster($1,371). Their share value is still quite low, and they will have two series coming up where they have a chance to win. The KT Rolster will be heavily un-favored against the teams of Sandbox Gaming and Kingzone Dragon-X($1,418). However, crazier upsets have happened and as the KT Rolsters try their best to avoid relegation, you bet they will be pulling out all the stops to try and earn themselves a win this week.

A team worth considering is Gen.G($1,535) as they face off in their final match of the split against Damwon Gaming($1,609). While they only have one series this week, their odds are pretty good overall. Do keep in mind that Gen.G has been on a quite long losing spree against many of the top teams, losing 4 out of their last 5 series. Only beating the Jin Air Greenwings($968) in the process. At $121 profit per share currently, I do believe they would be a reasonable investment to close out the split.

The final team I think is worth talking about this week is once more Hanwha Life Esports. As they compete with the KT Rolster team to stay away from relegations, everything will be on the line for them. However, as they have to face off against two of the top teams in the league, the Afreeca Freecs($1,723), and Team Griffin, they will have a hard time ahead of them.

Who do we avoid in week #10 of the LCK

The teams to avoid this week are pretty straight forward. The Jin Air Greenwings will be facing off against Griffin for their last match of the season. Jin Air hasn’t been able to pull off more than a few games wins this entire season, and I don’t expect that to be any different against the current number one team. Secondly, Griffin. As mentioned, they will be playing against Hanwha Life Esports and Jin Air Greenwings. In neither of these games they will be able to earn more than $1-20 and thus aren’t worth your investment for this week.

Another team I’m worried about this week is Kingzone Dragon-X. They are out of playoff contention, and won’t be in relegation this season. Their games this week don’t mean anything so expect them to pull out some more experimental stuff. This means, however, that they have a higher chance of losing their matches, as there is nothing at stake for them.

Those are our investment recommendations for the final week, be sure to invest your money wisely for the upcoming week of LCK matches! See you next time, and enjoy some great League of Legends.