Tracking The Pros is a site built to give you TONS OF INFORMATION about the top League of Legends players. While there are many other sites who can give a good history of these players and their games, none of those sites aggregate and compare the information like we do. Which Challenger has the best KDA while playing primarily Jungle? C9 Meteos! What player has the highest wards placed average that IS NOT a Support main: "best irl cat na" playing Top.

Try it out and let us know what interesting fact you come up with and we'll publish it here on the front page. Feedback and suggestions (especially new categories to track!) are welcomed at our contact page.

August 21, 2015

Check out the fancy new layout! Hopefully this will make navigating the vast amounts of data we've collected much easier. The side bar on the larger pages can also be hidden by hitting the menu icon at the top left.

The site is also full responsive now! However if you create a large table, you'll still need to scroll through it, but it has its own container now to make that much easier. Any feedback is welcome, so let it rip!

August 13, 2015

In preparation for some changes to Riot's API, we've also made some changes to how things work on the back-end and in the database. This should result in better loading times. We'll keep making some tweaks over the coming weeks (along with a full visual update!) which should continue to improve load times.

March 1, 2015

We have added the ability to spectate players who are currently in game! Thanks to an update to Riot's API, we can now easily scan our list of Challenger players to find out who is in game. This works for all servers (even Korea) and all you need to do is copy and paste a few lines into your command prompt. This works regardless of the region you play in normally.

In addition, we're now showing the change in a player's or team's LP over the past day and the past week. We also made it a default column so that you can easily tell who has been active and who is on a winning or losing streak.

February 20, 2015

All of the issues with season 5 data should be resolved. Aggregation now only takes into account games played in the 2015 season (no pre-season games). Depending on feedback, I might make old game data available. Also did some tweaking to the backend which should resolve in a performance boost.

October 22, 2014

The top Challenger Teams have been added! Compare teams with all the same stats you can use from the Solo Queue page and more. You can also view the individual teams to easily see rosters and previous games. Definitely still a work in progress (and I ran into more limitations with the Riot API), but I'm pretty happy with the sheer amount of information you can view.

October 9, 2014

Launched the website! We will soon begin redirecting traffic from http://www.lol-coaching.com/koreanBootcamp.php to http://www.trackingthepros.com/krbootcamp to complete the shift. For those who are interested, I built the KR Bootcamp page originally as a fun and quick project based on a request from Reddit: http://redd.it/2fg1xz. I started adding in more statistics from Riot's API and realized there was a massive amount of information available that other sites aren't gathering. On top of that, those sites don't let you compare players across categories other than the solo queue rank (League Points).

So TrackingThePros.com was born! I'll be splitting my development time between new features on League Coaching and here.

Future Plans
  • MORE CATEGORIES! Champions, item builds, time line data, etc.
  • Display a player's entire ranked history, going as far back as the API can go (which is May 2014 unfortunately)
  • Challenger ranked 5s teams, along with detailed information about who played in every game
  • Predictive analysis? It would be interesting to create a tool that analyzes a player and predicts the future! There might be some blood sacrifices required so I'll need volunteers...